Re: CF on Hyper-V

Juan Pablo Genovese <juanpgenovese@...>


as far as I know, Azure Pack provides the same API than Azure itself. So
you won't have to customize or modify the CPI. :)
Again, I haven't done this personally, but people at my company did. If
you need so, I can put you in contact with the guys that did it.


On 05/04/2016 08:32 AM, Marco Ristuccia wrote:
Juan, I apologize,

on the preceding message I've made a lot of confusion between Stack and Pack.
The whole message should be like this:

thank you very much.!
The Azure Pack path seems interesting. Better than considering the new Azure Stack, which as far as I know is still on technical preview right now.
So we could for example install a single machine with Azure Pack, connect it to our running System Center, and use it to deploy Bosh and then CF. We don't need to use any of the Azure Pack features, besides using it to deploy Bosh/CF, so we could keep the Pack simple and lightweight on a single VM.
What about the Azure-CPI? Do you maybe know whether does it need specific customisations or whether it can be used as written on the officia l CF documentation?


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