Re: CF on Hyper-V

Juan Pablo Genovese <juanpgenovese@...>


I think that a good starting point shoul be the Azure Pack:
You can install it for your System Center and then deploy BOSH with the
Azure CPI, and then deploy the Cloud Foundry release.
I haven't done this personally, but some coworkers did.

Thank you!


2016-05-03 19:13 GMT-03:00 Marco Ristuccia <it-services(a)>:

Hi all,

for one of my customers I'm evaluating the idea to adopt Cloud Foundry as
the company's PaaS.
Our current IaaS is based on Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V / System Center, on
Is there a way to deploy Cloud Foundry through BOSH on this platform? If
not, any other way to do this manually by pre-creating the Linux VMs before
deploying CF?

Thank you in advance for your kind support.

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Juan Pablo

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