How to know bosh image id of the deployment

Vikram Ranabhatt

I am doing Cloud Foundry deployment using bosh.Now I am writiing delete deployment script.
I have no clue to know bosh image id for deployment. currently bosh deployment has 24 vms which uses same bosh image.
I need to know that bosh image id,so that i can delete it.

currently i am using error prone method to do this
glance image-list >> out.txt
glance image-delete $is
done << out.txt
In this way i am delete the image but it takes lot of time and it try to delete all image currently used by other deployment,though deletion for others fails.

Is there any way to get deployment vm's bosh image id.
In our deployment we are using two stem cells one for bosh director and other for deployments(cloud foundry vm).

I am able to get bosh director bosh image id by through bosh director ip
id=nova list grep | ip

nova show id

I have no clue to get bosh image id of deployment.

Please help me on this

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