Re: zone not found when using "bosh aws create" - the new bosh bootstrap tool

Jeff Han

Hi Sunil,

Thanks for your email. i am attaching my yml file (cf-stub.yml) here. So glad to hear you successfully deployed cf on aws. May i ask which cf release you used and also did you use the "bosh aws create" to bootstrapping the aws environment for CF or like me use the "manual" way (cf-stub.yml)?

i was trying to follow the steps described here:

and here is my steps:
1. after having a successful bosh environment and set the bosh director target, i git clone the cf release repo
git clone

2. update the submodules and installed spiff

3. create cf manifest stub yml file: attached (use the template here )
1). Generate consule certificate
2). Create 2 subnet cf1 and cf2 according to cf-stub.yml
3). Create 1 sec group "cf" according to cf-stub.yml

4. Generate deployment file
/my-cf/cf-release# ./scripts/generate_deployment_manifest aws ../cf-stub.yml > cf-deployment.yml

5. set bosh deployment
/my-cf/cf-release# bosh deployment ./cf-deployment.yml

6. upload a bosh stemcell for cf
/my-cf# bosh upload stemcell /downloads/light-bosh-stemcell-3215.4-aws-xen-hvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent.tgz

7. build a cf release
In cf-release folder, run:
/my-cf/cf-release# bosh create release releases/cf-235.yml

8. upload cf release to bosh
/my-cf/cf-release# bosh upload release /my-cf/cf-release/releases/cf-235.tgz

9. bosh deploy.
From here, i ran into the hm9000 certificate issue which i've already mentioned here:

Regarding the official sample for cf-stub.yml:
There are so many unknowns: e.g. you need to pre-created the security group for "cf", what are the rules? you need to generate jwt certificate, how? you need to pre-setup ccdb&uaadb or just need to provide an IP&port to let the deployment set those db up for you?

i really wish a people who went through the whole doc successful to modify this sample cf-stub.yml page and make it usable.


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