Problem with missing routes due to recent DHCP -> static change

Aaron Huber

We were testing a newer version of the stemcells along with bosh-init in our
lab on OpenStack and ran into an unexpected issue. Our SDN configuration
requires static routes to be added via DHCP to get to the metadata web
service ( We have BOSH configured to use manual IP
addresses but previously the stemcells were still configured to use DHCP in
that case, so the routes were working fine.

In the new configuration, the BOSH agent is manually configuring the IP
settings (switching from DHCP to static) which a good thing for stability,
but we are losing the route. This results in a failed deployment because
the agent continuously pings the user-data in the metadata web service in
order to get the registry URL to fetch updated configuration, and the agent
is never able to mount a persistent disk because it never gets the updated

I don't think having the static routes is an unusual configuration for
OpenStack, so at the moment using "manual" addressing is not going to work
in that case. Can logic be added to also convert any static routes picked
up via DHCP when the agent switches the network config to static?

Aaron Huber
Intel Corporation

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