Re: Bosh deploy failed on AWS-Failed loading settings via fetcher

Dmitriy Kalinin

This is not a networking issue but rather some kind of problem with

"Failed loading settings via fetcher: Unmarshalling settings wrapper:
invalid character 'I' looking for beginning of value"

It seems that agent fails to retrieve bootstrapping metadata from the

Any errors show up in the registry logs on the Director VM?

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 2:27 AM, Mark Wong <mark.wong(a)> wrote:

Trying to deploy Cloud Foundry in AWS. Followed instructions from:

What I found it every VM that BOSH deploy into the public subnet, it
failed to response. I end up tried the compilation part of the deploy using
VM in public subnet.

The actual deploy of each components failed and I checked the
non-responding log in /var/vcap/bosh/log/current and found the following.

2015-06-01_09:01:10.28857 [File System] 2015/06/01 09:01:10 DEBUG -
Checking if file exists /sys/class/net/lo/device

2015-06-01_09:01:10.28857 [Cmd Runner] 2015/06/01 09:01:10 DEBUG - Running
command: ifup --no-act eth0

2015-06-01_09:01:10.28945 [Cmd Runner] 2015/06/01 09:01:10 DEBUG - Stdout:

2015-06-01_09:01:10.28946 [Cmd Runner] 2015/06/01 09:01:10 DEBUG - Stderr:
ifup: interface eth0 already configured

2015-06-01_09:01:10.28946 [Cmd Runner] 2015/06/01 09:01:10 DEBUG -
Successful: true (0)

2015-06-01_09:01:12.93269 [settingsService] 2015/06/01 09:01:12 ERROR -
Failed loading settings via fetcher: Unmarshalling settings wrapper:
invalid character 'I' looking for beginning of value

2015-06-01_09:01:12.93271 [File System] 2015/06/01 09:01:12 DEBUG -
Reading file /var/vcap/bosh/settings.json

2015-06-01_09:01:12.93274 [settingsService] 2015/06/01 09:01:12 ERROR -
Failed reading settings from file Opening file
/var/vcap/bosh/settings.json: open /var/vcap/bosh/settings.json: no such
file or directory

I have checked the NAT from private subnet is working and can ping the
bosh director host and outside.

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this further?
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