Re: 'Can't find template `login' when upgrading cloudfoundry 212 to cloudfoundry 218

Danny Berger

Hi - the login job was removed in v214 and documented in the release notes
[1]. You should also review the other release notes [2] to know what else
may affect your deployment in the upgrade.


On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 4:49 AM, 王小锋 <zzuwxf(a)> wrote:

Hi, there

I deployed cf 212 using bosh in aws and the deployment worked well for a
long time. Now I want to upgrade cf 212 to cf 218, I modified the
deployment adding "route_registrar" according to the release notes.

But when I run "bosh deploy", it failed with *Can't find template `login'
, *your help is greatly appreciated, thanks!!

*Director task 633 Started unknown Started unknown > Binding deployment.
Done (00:00:00) Started preparing deployment Started preparing deployment
Binding releases. Done (00:00:00) Started preparing deployment > Binding
existing deployment. Done (00:00:00) Started preparing deployment >
Binding resource pools. Done (00:00:00) Started preparing deployment >
Binding stemcells. Done (00:00:00) Started preparing deployment > Binding
templates. Failed: Can't find template `login' (00:00:00)Error 190012:
Can't find template `login'*

D, [2016-03-17 11:41:27 #20450] [task:632] DEBUG -- DirectorJobRunner:
Deleting lock: lock:deployment:cfv212
D, [2016-03-17 11:41:27 #20450] [task:632] DEBUG -- DirectorJobRunner:
Deleted lock: lock:deployment:cfv212
I, [2016-03-17 11:41:27 #20450] [task:632] INFO -- DirectorJobRunner:
sending update deployment error event
D, [2016-03-17 11:41:27 #20450] [task:632] DEBUG -- DirectorJobRunner:
SENT: hm.director.alert
- error during update deployment","summary":"Error during update deployment
for 'cfv212' against Director 'c500d0a4-d3a3-47ec-9f87-8b697f190048':
#<Bosh::Director::DeploymentUnknownTemplate: Can't find template
E, [2016-03-17 11:41:27 #20450] [task:632] ERROR -- DirectorJobRunner:
Can't find template `login'
`block in bind_templates'

Danny Berger

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