Re: Unable to sudo on compilation machine

Danny Berger

Should work with the default, `c1oudc0w` password. Could also double check
that you're not overriding the default password via the `env.bosh.password`
setting in your compilation VMs in your manifests.

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 11:09 AM, Richard Pelavin <rich.pelavin(a)>

I am trying to debug what is happening on a compilation run. I put a sleep
in my packaging script and then am able to use linux ssh (rather than bosh
ssh which I from my understanding does not work for compilation nodes) into
the compilation node as user vcap. That works fine, but I could not figure
out the password to sudo. I tried the standard password I have seen on the
list, but that does not work.

As far as context, the stemcell I am using is

Any help is appreciated
- Rich

Danny Berger

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