Bosh deploy fail - missing properties {"info.state"}

William C Penrod

bosh-init deploy error message:
CPI 'create_stemcell' method responded with error: CmdError{"type":"Unknown","message":"Permission to perform this operation was denied.","ok_to_retry":false}

I could not explain this so I tried the bosh micro deploy to see if I could get
more information about the failure:

bosh micro deploy error:

"propertyCollector", @__stub__=#<VimSdk::Soap::StubAdapter:0x007fed23310340 ...>>>>] should have the following properties: ["info.progress", "info.state", "info.result", "info.error"] (VSphereCloud::CloudSearcher::MissingPropertiesException)
, but they were missing these: #<Set: {"info.state"}>

The differentiating factor here is that I am deploying into a vmware 6 environment. The rights for the user were replicated from a 5.5 environment.

I've not been able to identify which additional rights are needed to perform the same task in 6 that I could in the 5.5 environment.

Any ideas on what needs to be modified?

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