Re: Application failing

Daniel Mikusa <dmikusa@...>

On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 4:48 AM, Mohit Garg <gargmohit3890(a)> wrote:


I am deploying application on cloud foundry with 1 Gb memory. It fails
after sometime when i push load on it. Could you help me the tool with
which I can analyse my memory usage on cloud foundry.
Tools like NewRelic, AppDynamics, etc are helpful. Other options may exist
depending on what language and tools you've used to write your app.

At my end I deployed my app on localmachine (deployed on system in tomcat)
and analysed with new relic, and everything was fine.
Is this a Java app then? I assume since you're using Tomcat locally. If
so, you can use JMX [1] or YourKit [2] to connect and profile the app
remotely. Both of these can be very helpful to determine what's happening
with your app.

[1] -
[2] -

I tried to integrate Newrelic with my app but failed to do thus unable to
analyse the app.
How are you setting this up? For a Java app, which I think you're using,
you can use the instruction here [3]. Basically this amounts to creating a
user-provided service that contains your NR license key, binding that to
your application and restaging or repushing the app.

[3] -


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