anyway to let bosh-init have longer time-out for using SSH to reach the agent on newly generated bosh director VM?

Jeff Han

this will be a weird question and let me explain why:
i am using openstack to deploy bosh by using bosh-init. Everything went fine until the bosh VM is spawned and bosh-init is using ssh to contact the agent. it then failed as below:
"Starting SSH tunnel: Failed to connect to remote server: ssh: handshake failed: ssh: unable to authenticate, attempted methods [none publickey]"

it seems bosh-init is not able to use ssh key to reach the new VM. However, i found later (after 5-6 minutes) i am able to use "ssh -i ./bosh.pem vcap@[ip_of_bosh_vm]" to log onto the VM.
Then i did more tests on openstack side, unfortunately i found after openstack finishes provisioning the VM - the actual open-SSH on the VM takes quite a while to be started. Yet the bosh-init couldn't wait, it just retry 228 times and abort.

so that brings to the question: is there anyway to tell bosh-init to "hold" for ssh connection until the VM is ready or set up longer timeout/more retry for establish SSH connection?


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