Re: Repost: Bare-Metal Cloud Provider Interface for Bosh

Victor Fong

Hi Dr. Williams,

For the machine types, it's whatever machine that RackHD supports. We have experimented with IPMI and AMT. They both work very well.

For the time being, RackHD CPI is really useful to deploy bosh releases of services, like Redis, Cassandra, etc.

At the moment, the RackHD CPI is not yet ideal for CF. When the RackHD CPI was original designed, we envisioned that CF components which do not require too much computing power, such as UAA, CC, Metric Collector, etc, would remain in a virtualization environment. The computing units, such as Diego, would be deployed on Bare-Metal machine to make full use of the computing power that Bare-Metal machines offer. In order for this vision to be fully realized, Bosh needs to be able to talk to multiple CPIs. We are still working with Pivotal to determine that next step.


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