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Dr Nic Williams

Awesome! "Can CF deploy to bare metal?" has been a question for years.

From a demo/training/experimenting perspective what will be the smallest footprint of machines/disks etc that will be required? What types of machines? (Anything that rackhd works on etc?)


On Fri, Feb 5, 2016 at 2:01 AM, Victor Fong <>

Re-posting from CF-Dev
The EMC Cloud Platform Team in Cambridge MA has been working very closely with the Bosh and Bosh Infrastructure teams to create a Bare-Metal Cloud Provider Interface. This new CPI will allow users to provision and deploy Bosh releases to Bare-Metal machines by Bosh CLI.
This project is a joint effort between Pivotal and EMC. Caleb Miles, anchor of Bosh Infrastructure Team, has flew to Cambridge for 3 weeks to kick-start this project. Dmitriy Kalinin, project manager of Bosh, is also the project manager of this project.
The Tracker of the project can be found here:
This CPI uses open source technology RackHD ( to abstract out hardware communication. Users will find this CPI useful because they can enjoy the stability and abstraction that Bosh can provide on physical machines, without manually handling the configuration of hardware.
At the moment, we have finished with the phase 1 of development. We have also set up a continuous integration pipeline that runs and passes the Bosh Acceptance Test regularly.
We are currently hosting our source code and documentation on domain, along with the other CPIs.
Please let me know if there is any questions, concerns or comments.
Victor Fong

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