Re: Changeing IP Addresses of containers

Dmitriy Kalinin

Sorry for the late response. Typically following error message (Creating
container: network already acquired) is displayed when container is not
properly deleted from the previous deployments. Currently there is no easy
way to delete containers without accessing garden HTTP API.

On Sun, May 17, 2015 at 10:40 AM, Hildebrandt Andre <myself(a)>

I want to run two cloud foundry instances on my notebook to try something
out. I have a problem setting the IP addresses to a range in one of them,
so that they can be resolved from the host machine (i.e. the notebook
running the two different vms running the warden containers.

Each VM has its own IP, machine A has, machine B has I have created the following routes on the notebook:

10.244/20 UGSc 1 0 vboxnet
10.246/20 UGSc 0 4 vboxnet

I have changed the deployment manifest of machine A so it should only use
IP addresses starting with 10.245. I then run:

bosh deploy --redact-diff

This fails with the following error:

Started creating bound missing vms > router_z1/0. Failed: Creating VM
with agent ID '35f449ee-80f9-4d04-b165-78c9aa9237c9': Creating container:
network already acquired: (00:00:00)

Error 100: Creating VM with agent ID
'35f449ee-80f9-4d04-b165-78c9aa9237c9': Creating container: network already

I do not understand that error message and there is no VM or container
that uses that IP address on my machine. Any hint as to where I’m going
wrong or what I could try out to get this going would be greatly

Best Regards,


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